All of my custom rods are built on quality blanks from Harrison Advanced Rods and American Tackle. Harrison are the premier name in British made fishing rods and specialise in making blanks for carp and specialist fishing, as well as fly and sea fishing.

All Harrison rods are hand rolled in Liverpool, and incorporate the latest techniques using thinner, lighter carbon layers for the best performance possible. Each blank is a blend of many different carbon fibres developed from many years of hands on experience.

Harrison has the biggest range of blanks available and there is something on offer for everyone, whether you want to send a rig to the horizon on a large gravel pit or drop a bait in the edge whilst stalking.

American Tackle Atrex blanks are relatively new to the carp fishing market but draw from years of experience with American Tackle’s rod blank manufacturing and pro carp anglers demands.

Have a look at the range below, if you need any more information just send an email or give me a call to discuss your requirements.

Harrison Advanced Rods


Acurix is the slimmest carp rod in the Harrison range. Just 12.2mm at the reel seat for the 2 1/2lb. Designed for close to medium range fishing and available in 3 tests curves. 2 1/2, 2 3/4 and 3lb. perfect up to100yds. Beyond that, scale up to Torrix, or Aviator, but if you only fish medium range and smaller waters, the light weight and balance of this rod and the forgiving action, makes it a pleasure to use.


Harrison’s favourite carp rod range. Available in 10', 11', 12', 12'6, and 13' The 12' foot 3 1/4 Test curve has been Harrison’s best-selling rod for years and subtle hidden improvements keep this as fresh as the day it was designed. The perfect all round rod. Test curves in this range go from 2 1/2 to 3 1/2lb. With the 12' 3 1/4lb you can comfortably fish at over 100 yds, but will feel perfectly happy on smaller waters. TE rods have modified tips for precision casting and a few more yards.
Torrix have proven toughness and durability. The blanks are finished with a 1k plain weave on the butt section and unidirectional carbon on the tip. Matching Spod, Marker and landing net handles are also available.



This is the flagship blank of the Harrison range of rods and covers 99% of carp fishing situations, available in 10’, 11’, 12’, 12’6", 13’ lengths. Tapers are new, for finer tips and the 1k weave extends to the tip eye. The range has been designed for the average angler, enabling distance without perfect casting technique or timing. Those more skilled casters will see even bigger distances.
In 12' there are four Aviators, the Flex, Plus, Plus 2 and Plus 3. The Flex and Plus fall in either side of the 12' 3 1/4lb Torrix for power. The Aviator Flex has a slim and more forgiving butt for soaking up the lunges, and is given a 3lb 2oz test curve. The Aviator Plus is 3lb 6oz, and can punch a bait a little further than the Torrix 3.25. The Plus 2 and 3 provide more power with the Plus 3 having a 3.75lb test curve and the plus 2 sitting between the original Plus and Plus 3 lb.

In 10’ there are 2.75lb and 3.25lb blanks. These are ideal for boat work on large waters when dropping rigs and playing fish from a boat is necessary. These 10’ blanks are also great for smaller waters and tight swims.

The 11 Aviator Plus is available in both 2.75lb and 3.25lb test curves, an underestimated length that’s great for so many situations. The 12’6" Aviator Plus is 3.5lb and ideal for those who want a little extra distance but find 13’ Blanks uncomfortable

The 13' Aviator Plus is 3.5lb is what I call a "crossover" from an all-round blank to a distance blank, it occupies a sweet spot between distance and action, giving extra distance to the average angler and loading up gently without punishing less than perfect timing.
The 13' Aviator TE is Harrison’s most powerful caster, designed for the biggest lake in the UK and Europe when an uncompromising distance rod is required.
An Aviator 12' and 13' spod is also now available, as well as a 12’6" marker and landing net options.


Trebuchet is Harrison’s big beast and is available in 12' and 13' with both standard "power" and Trebuchet Light options.
The Light model in 13' is the most popular rod in the range, producing huge casts on the field, and proving the most capable distance rod on the bank. The term "Light" has to be seen in context as this is a 3.75lb test curve rod capable of over 200yds.


The Cerbera looks, feels and performs like the very best Carp rods on the market, but the price might surprise you.
Smooth, powerful action for middle to medium distance, the Cerbera is 12’ and comes in 3lb or 3.25lb Test curves.

Harrison Ballista

The Ballista is a design classic, delivering the benchmark in performance and bullet proof build quality, a firm favourite for many years now. Blanks available 11' 2.5 to 13' 4lb TC

Specialist range

Harrison has a wide range of rods for the specimen hunter fishing both rivers and stillwaters. The range offers Avon, Specialist, Chimera, and Torrix specialist blanks in various lengths and test curves to cover any situation from casting heavy feeders to fighting powerful Barbel in snaggy rivers.
These rods have fantastic through action and power low down which make playing powerful fish a pleasure, whilst retaining the ability to cope with modern methods and applications. Each rod in the range offers slightly different performance from 9 and 10 ft stalkers through to 13 ft float rods, and test curves from the 1.4 Avon to a 2.25 Chimera flood.

American Tackle Atrex blanks

The advanced mandrel design of the Atrex range creates a crisp, lightweight and rapid recovery blank action that utilises the latest advanced low resin carbon systems with a 1K matte finish. The range offers:
  • Low resin, Hi modulous
  • Slim, balanced, light weight
  • Full 1K woven Carbon weave matte finish
  • Fast tip recovery
  • Multiple actions and powers to suite all carp fishing scenarios
  • Designed and tested by Carp anglers and master rod designer
Available in
  • 10’ 2.75lb and 3.5lb
  • 12’ 2.5lb, 3.5lb, 3.75lb
  • 13’ 3.5lb and 3.75lb
  • 10’, 11’, 12, spod rod blanks